Friday, September 4, 2015

Thursday, September 3, 2015


If you're a Tolkien reader of any stripe, you really should be listening to the Tolkien Professor Podcast, where Professor Corey Olsen and friends look in depth at the books and related topics like the Peter Jackson movies. Since the Hobbit movies are now in the past, for good or ill, Corey, Trish and Dave have started the SilmFilm project, where they imagine the adaptation of the Silmarillion into a multi-season TV show (think HBO, like Game of Thrones). For the record this is purely a thought exercise, since such a show will probably never be made, but it's great fun to listen to, and participate. Anyway, they've started thinking about casting, and I propose that rather than consider choosing big name actors for the roles, they should go all-LEGO. Take, for instance, Marina's custom Yavanna figure.