Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Toy Fair London

It's Toy Fair time! Over the next few weeks different toy manufacturers, including LEGO, will display their products for the coming year at events in a few different cities. It seems that London is first up. Unfortunately, attendees are not allowed to take photos in the LEGO booth, so we can not yet see the actual sets, but the blogger at Blogomatic3000 took photos of the publicly available artwork on the outside of the booth.

Here were my quick initial thoughts that I posted in the discussion on Classic-Castle: a new hairpiece mold that is used for all four hobbits, little bits of fleshy color show up on all of the hobbit torsos and also Aragorn (darn), Elf ears the same as the collectible fig, but fleshy, is the Ring a Clickit ring or a new mold?, new dwarf beard I think, same hair mold for Aragorn and Boromir (was that one in a collectible fig?). Also, credit should go to Classic-Castle member Dyntar for finding this blog post.

I should also note that prolific blogger Brick Will of Lord of the Brick has been threatened by LEGO legal for posting previously leaked images. I choose to not post leaked images (though I've seen them and they're awesome!), but I want to stand with my fellow AFOL here. If LEGO can't control their own internal content, that is not the fault of those of us who simply love, purchase, and, very importantly, promote their product for them (Free of charge! I think we should start charging them for the free advertisement they get from all of us AFOLs who are simply excited to talk about their product.). If someone who signed a confidentiality agreement broke that, well, go after that person. It is not my job to police the internet for LEGO's lawyers.

BTW, dang he's fast. In the time it took me to write this post, Brick Will posted these images to his blog already.

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