Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Official site content

I'm not sure when this went up, but there's new content at the official site It looks like there is only one set included at this point, Gandalf Arrives. I assume that the other sets will be added over the next several days.

At first you see a map of Middle Earth, with a tiny icon of the set.

When you click on the icon you get a cute little animation.

Various clicks give you a description of the scene depicted by the set and mini biographies of the characters.

There's also a video with the lead set designer showing features of the set. Probably not such a big deal with this set, but with the more detailed sets this will be nice, especially to show the different features like the exploding Helm's Deep wall.

I do have one gripe. I know, I know, we're all supposed to be illiterate these days. Everyone watched the movie and no one could be bothered to read the book. But, even though I understand that they take details from the Peter Jackson movie and not from the book, couldn't they at least get the map right? The route they trace has the company turn south at the Hoarwell, skipping the confrontation at the ford of the Bruinen, and no Rivendell whatsoever. Then, after leaving Moria, instead of taking boats from Lorien down to Amon Hen, at which point the company breaks into three different threads, the big red line has them going overland, through Fangorn straight to Isengard (no stopping by Edoras), then down to Helm's Deep, then straight past Minas Tirith to the Pass of Cirith Ungol. Actually, the path from Lorien straight to Fangorn could arguably be Gandalf, but it's hard to give them that much credit. I don't think I'm just being a fanboy here who can't abide them having anything different from the books - I'm not complaining over the lack of Tom Bombadil or the inclusion of Moria orcs at Isengard or something. This just seems like sloppy work by someone who couldn't be bothered to draw the little red line along the proper route.

Now would this have been so tough? I realize that I'm cutting corners here, since Merry and Pippin went through Fangorn to Isengard while Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli turned at the borders of Fangorn and then went down to Edoras, then Helm's Deep. Not to mention Gandalf's journeys from Moria to Fangorn.

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