Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Trailer

I'm sure readers of this blog have already seen this, but today the first trailer came out for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I really should include some LEGO content, so let's have some rampant speculation on upcoming LEGO sets. I just listened to a great analysis on the Tolkien Professor Podcast (find it on iTunes) that went through all of the footage that Peter Jackson has released up until this trailer, including the live web event that you needed a password to see. It's fairly clear that the second movie will follow the story of the dwarves from the Carrock, through Mirkwood, through Laketown, up until at least Bilbo's first meeting with Smaug. The speculation is that the film will end with Smaug leaving the Lonely Mountain and flying off towards Laketown (oops, spoilers, I suppose - c'mon, the book was written 75 years ago, you have no excuse). Then there is the 'Dol Guldur' storyline implied in the book and fleshed out a little bit more in the LotR Appendices, but changed in translation to the film. At the very least we will have further development, as Gandalf and Radagast go off to investigate, but many speculate that this storyline will come to a climax in film 2 as the the White Council put forth their power to attack Dol Guldur. Perhaps the big reveal of the identity of the Necromancer won't come until the end of film 3, though, to set the Hobbit up as a prequel to the LotR movies. Anyway, what sets does this film promise? We've already gotten two Mirkwood sets in the spider scene and the barrel escape, so I doubt we'll get more there - maybe a set focused on Beorn? Some Laketown set would be cool, but I anticipate this coming with the attack of Smaug, which should be at the start of film 3. We'll surely get a Smaug set, with Bilbo sneaking in. And the rest depends, IMO, on the Dol Guldur storyline. In the trailer below we see Gandalf and Radagst sneaking around some creepy ruins, anticipating a trap. Will they be attacked by Nazgul? If so, I'll bet that would be a set. And maybe a big 'Battle of Dol Guldur' set, which could be an expensive set and include at least a couple of members of the White Council. Perhaps some small set with dwarves being chased by orcs, as that seems to be continuing in movie 2, as seen in the trailer below. Anyway, what do you think? Or is it possible that we'll get mostly Lord of the Rings sets this year, and then lots of Hobbit sets in January, falling between the releases of movies 2 and 3.

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