Friday, May 2, 2014

MELO Round 1, Dark and Mountain

Four more from round 1 of the MELO:

Legopard's Fire and Water was his way to illustrate 'dark'. He argues that Smaug's attack happened at night, and brought metaphoric darkness into the lives of Lake-Town. That's quite the stretch, but it's an awesome MOC and earned him a spot in Round 2.

Jacob Pennington took a more literal take on dark with the Mines of Moria. A great MOC, but it just missed the cut to go on to the next round.

Elliott Feldman's Mount Doom is his take on the mountain riddle. Another really nice MOc that went on to round 2.

Lee Muzzy also made a mountain for the Goblin Caves. He even includes Gollum's cave inside, and went on to round 2.

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