Thursday, April 23, 2015

LEGO Dimensions

Here in this blog I try to focus on fan creations rather than news about official LEGO offerings, but I did want to note the latest official development. It seems that there will not be a new wave of Tolkien themed sets. There are rumors that there was a planned run of sets based on Return of the King, but it got canceled. That said, a week ago LEGO announced LEGO Dimensions. This is a new video game where you get to play LEGO characters from various themes, including Lord of the Rings, in an interactive world. It will be kind of like Skylanders and Disney Infinity, where you buy little models, and each one you buy gets you access to that character in the game. In the initial announcement, Gandalf is one of the initial figures, along with Batman and Wyldstyle from the LEGO Movie. Some of the add-on sets include Gimli, Legolas and Gollum. Also, it looks like orcs, cave trolls and oliphants will be among the enemies you encounter in the game. The game is set for release at the end of September.

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