Wednesday, March 14, 2012

9471 Uruk-hai army

Our next set for examination is 9471, Uruk-hai army. This set is a great army builder, at US$30 you get a section of wall, a ballista, one of the new horses, and six figs - Eomer, random Rohirrim soldier, and four Uruk-hai.

Here we see that the wall has detail on both sides. The pins allow you to connect multiple of these modules together to create a longer wall (and a larger army) or to connect it with the larger Helm's Deep set (review to follow). I really like the rough look of the wall, incorporating different colors and some of those new 'brick bricks'.

Stairs to reach the top of the wall is a nice realistic detail. And (sigh) I suppose kids will want to have Legolas surf down the stairs atop a shield (grumble grumble grumble).

I'm pretty sure the ballista fires when you push that red piece forward (this based on the box art - is it in one of those videos from Toy Fair?).

I'm not sure if this is Eomer or the other Rohirrim soldier. I really love the new helm with the hint of a horse head along the crest. The printing is also really nice.

Four Uruks. Three of those new helms, one with long black hair. It looks like they all have identical torsos and printed legs, not sure about faces. Two with plate armor, two old halberds, two of the new orc-swords, two of the new orc-shields. BTW for the Rohirrim we get one of those new spears from the Collectible line, bow (hmm, I can't tell if it's the old style or the one from the Collectible elf), and a great printed round shield.


  1. I was really hoping (am really hoping?) that Éomer's helm would feature a plume-socket, but from this image it doesn't look like it does, which is a pity, because Éomer's white plume is one of the most distinct character images out of the books.

  2. Yeah, I agree, there does not seem to be a plume socket. The hole would have to be in that little ridge, and that's probably too narrow to have a hole. I do really like the look of the helms, though, so I'm not so bummed about that. You could, I suppose, outfit your Rohirrim with the helm with fixed face grille, but that doesn't seem right for the more mobile horse-lords (it seems more like something Imrahil's knights would wear, as I've always imagined them in a more full plate-armor - I'm not sure if that's really based on a description, or just because Tolkien uses the word 'knights' to describe them). In my Tolkien MOCs I've used the helm with neck protector for the Rohirrim as it seemed to fit better, and then just had Eomer without a helm to make him recognizable (maybe he's just so studly that he doesn't need the extra protection :) ).