Friday, April 20, 2012

Helm's Deep set - the wall does blow up

I previously noted that I would have expected an action feature in set 9474, Battle of Helm's Deep. It seems obvious to include some sort of mechanism to make the wall explode, but it had not been mentioned in some of the Toy Fair coverage that I'd seen. On the Brick Show they included a video from Toy Fair that shows that there is indeed such a feature. At 11 minutes 46 seconds into the video this is described. BTW, is the person at Toy Fair Steven Combs of the old Bricks in my Pocket podcast? The voice sounds very familiar. Anyway, it's nice to get confirmation of this feature. BTW, I ran across the link to the Brick Show feature at Lord of the Brick, where today Will is featuring another video you should watch, TXsamwise's great Battle for Helm's Deep brickfilm.

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