Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shelob attacks, the MOCs

Several LEGO builders have taken on the idea of Shelob:

My favorite might be this vig of Shelob's lair by the Fisherman.

Christopher Baldacci does something similar for his Shelob's Lair

There are some larger versions by Chris Stone

and JHolmes

Nate Wells did this Joe Vig scene (quick explanation - Joe Vig was a character that many AFOLs included in scenes where he was always finding himself in deadly, and usually humorous, peril).

BrickBrothers98 doesn't have any one photo that captures his Shelob's cave 2-level vig. I think his solution for the web-tangled Frodo is pretty slick.

The Masked Builder tags this spider as Shelob:

Hewkii also shares his Shelob

Not the same thing, but Firn has some fun at Cirth Ungol. "Sam plays a trick on Frodo who has a heavy arachnophobia after he met Shelob."

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