Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MELO round 2 - Barad Dur bracket part 1

Continuing on in our look back, round 2 of the MELO pitted 32 builders in head-to-head matches. I'll break this into four posts. Here's part 1 of the Barad Dur bracket.

Buurli Burri was pitted against Mister Lego with the category A Long Expected Party. I can't find Buurli Burri's MOC online any more, but he advanced.

Justin M was pitted against Poggle 55 with the category The Prancing Pony. Poggle 55 advanced.

Disco 86 built for the category Flight to the Ford, but his opponent did not enter. So Disco 86 advanced by default, but this was a really cool creation and he probably would have advanced regardless.

Kenton Lanier was pitted against Aidan Frusher with the category Fool of a Took!. Kenton Lanier advanced.

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