Friday, March 27, 2015

MELO Round 1 - The Misty Mountains Cold

Our next song, The Misty Mountains Cold, inspired a lot of builders in round 1 of the MELO. Here are some of my favorites.

IMO the best of these was Dodge's The Journey Begins. I love how he made this so it could hang on a wall. He advanced to round 2.

Andrew JN's Goblin Town was my other favorite of these and also easily advanced.

Timothy Post had an interesting take on Thorin, but did not advance

Jack the Jedi's Escaping the Goblin Kingdom was a nice scene but did not advance.

Moving ahead in the Hobbit, Trevor Turco was inspired by the phrase "dungeon's deep" to make the Elvenking's dungeons. He advanced.

Joepwnage brought us to the doorstep of Erebor but went no further.

And at last A Sargent brings us into the mountain itself, also advancing to round 2.

Another nice scene of the treasure chamber by Xander, but this one just missed advancing.

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