Saturday, March 28, 2015

MELO round 1 - Song of the Lonely Mountain

I'm kind of surprised that Song of the Lonely Mountain did not inspire many entries in round 1 of the MELO. It seems like you could have legitimately built any scene that is set in or around Erebor, or keyed off of one of the lines in the song to make something else altogether. For instance, the stanza "Some folk we never forget, Some kind we never forgive, Haven't seen the end of it yet, We'll fight as long as we live" could easily be invoked to build a great scene of the Battle of Azanulbizar. Oh well, here were my two favorites based on this song.

Vladimir van Hoek made the Golden Anvil.

A nice MOC by itself, but it opens up to reveal a stage for the loudest dwarfmetal band in Middle Earth. He advanced.

Luc Johannesen built a nice micro of Erebor and Dale but did not advance.I have to think that better photography might have helped here.

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